Red Door Learning Centers is a network of early childcare and educational locations.  Red Door offers child care to children ages 6 weeks through 12 years, preschool for 3 to 5 year olds, and is expanding its kindergarten, school-aged, and special needs educational offerings.  Our network of preschool and childcare centers are located throughout Long Island, New York.

At Red Door Learning Centers, students are cared for and educated by highly-trained, dedicated directors and staff.  Our home-like setting and safe environment make Red Door Preschool a perfect place for children to play, laugh and discover.  We are dedicated to fostering educational development, building self-esteem and sparking imagination in a safe and loving environment.


We want children to learn, to lead, and to make a difference.



The unique characteristics of each individual child are valued here.  Each child’s interests and developmental stages are nurtured by our well-trained and talented team of early childhood professionals.  We celebrate children’s diversity and appreciate their challenges.

We believe childhood should be a time of great joy, love, and exploration.  Based on our teachers’ knowledge and the particular needs of what is meaningful for each child, curriculum emerges from the combination of teacher direction and children’s interest.

  • Preschool, child care, after-school too
  • Positive learning environment
  • Learning through play and exploration
  • Individual attention in small classes



At Red Door Learning Centers, we believe all children are intelligent. Our “Better Boys & Girls” Education approach focuses on nurturing that innate intelligence through hands-on active learning and opportunities for self-expression and peer relationships.

Reading, writing and telling stories.

Logical thinking, patterns, and numbers.

Expression through one’s body, movement, and physical activity.

Visualization, building, drawing, and design.

Rhythm, singing, and creating music.

Working in groups, sensitivity to others, and leadership.

In touch with personal feelings and thoughts


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Teachers who have a sincere love for caring and educating children.

Our early childhood professionals plan and prepare a program that is developmentally appropriate.  In a developmentally appropriate program, hands-on experiences and age-appropriate play, activities, and materials provide the foundation for learning as well as early literacy.  Our focus on academic skills and our play-oriented activities offers choices to children in a learning environment that supports and fosters their freedom of expression, growing independence, and positive self-esteem.

Each child’s interests and developmental stages are nurtured by our well-trained and talented team of early childhood professionals.  Excellent communication is a top priority, with daily communication through our connections notebook.  The staff and parents work together to ensure a successful daily experience.

To ensure the safety of the children all of our staff members, prior to employment, must be screened and fingerprinted and have a full background check including screening in the State Central Register.  Once employed, all staff are required to attend workshops, lectures and continuing education classes to help them further their knowledge and implement new ideas in the early childhood environment.

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